Monday, March 17, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

Olá todo mundo!!! So I officially passed my halfway mark!!! How craqzy right! I have learned so much in the past year, and I am so grateful for my misison. Its passing so fast, I just want to make the best of it! I want to do everything that the Lord asks of me! Even though I passed one year this week, I only have about 11 more months of the mission because of how the transfers are, and so I will keep doing the best I can! I loved seeing you all with your lenços and that cake looked amazing!!!!! I love you all. To celebrate, we just had some pizza and celebrated in our apartment for one year!

So tomorrow I am being transfered to Canguçu! It is a city that is about an hour away from Pelotas. The church is just a branch there and there arent alot of members, but its a German colony and so there are going to be alot of blond people like me there! Hopefully I fit in a little better there! My companion will be Elder Marcato, and I dont know him, but it should be interesting! There are alot of hills... and so I think I will get skinnier... Haha...

So yeah. As for this week some cool experiences happened that showed me how I can recognize the Holy Ghost it was way cool. This week we were talking to Izamar and Valdo, and we were reading the Book of Mormon with them, And we ended the lesson and everything and it was realy good, and then a thought came into my head, "ask them if they have any questions." It wasnt like I heard a voice or anything but I just remembered to do that at the end. And then the way Izamar reasponded made me sure that it was the Holy Ghost that told me to do that, because she started telling that something had happened the day beofre that was really hard for her family. And she wanted to know why things like that happen. If I hadnt of asked, she might not of had the chance to share that and ask for help. It showed us that she really trusts us! We were able to answer her, and it made all the difference for her. Her and Valdo went to church yesterday and loved it again! Its just a matter of time before they are baptized, but sadly I wont be there to help them because I am leaving!

Also something esle really cool happened this week! So all transfer we have been teaching a member that is less active named Suzana. She is awesome, and was firm in the church, but then for some reason that we dont know she stopped going. So we have been trying to help her come back to church all transfer ad she never went. But this week we were walking to her house and I was thinking what we would share with her. And then instantly a scripture came into me mind, Alma 7:11-12. This scripture talks about the atonement of Christ and my first reaction was, No Ill think of something else to share. But then I remebered the experience with Izamar and decided to share the scripture, and talk about the love that Christ showed for us through the atonement, and the love we can show him through repentance. And it was a great lesson. And she went to church yesterday!!! How cool huh!!! It was a greatttt way to end the transfer!!!

So yeah taht was my week! It was pretty cool. I am pretty nervous about the transfer but I know that everything will work out great! I will miss Elder Mendes a bunch, but its all good! But yeah! I love you all! Thanks for supporting me!! Tchau!!!

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