Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st, 2014

Hello everybody so this week had some very cool... and not so cool things happen! Lets start with the not so cool thing that happened! SO you are going to laugh when you read this. I was bitten by a dog. I was all walking on some grass and whatnot, and out from under a tree came a dog with an unusually large and ugly snout. He came out barking and whatnotand decided he would try to bite me. Little did he know that I wear these work boot looking things on my feet and he didnt even manage to hurt me. Haha he probably even managed to hurt himself trying to bite me! Take that!!! Haha he was pretty big, but luckily he was wearing a chain and so I got away without getting hurt, but know I can saw I was bitten by a dog on the mission! Later that day we went and a random dog came out of nowhere, but this one was nicer.... He just had a big rock in his mouth that he was carrying around. The picture is attached. 

So actually that was the only uncool thing that happened this week. Everything else was really awesome! So remember that couple Danilo and Milene, they are really really interested in the church, and every night they read and pray! They are so awesome! They actually even asked us to mark more scriptures for them to read, and theyyyy marked our next appointment which neverrrrr happens!!! This Saturday we had an activity of the Hot Dogs,and everybody came to eat hot dogs and what not, and they came too!! And they had a great time, I was so happy! Then they came to church yesterday and I think they liked it too!!!! They are soooooooo awesome!!! And tonight, they are making churrasco for us!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! They are awesome, I really lovethem! They are such cool people!

So I think it was Wednesday that we taught them, and the Spirit was so strong and then we left the lesosn just so happy... And the dad of a member less active, named Mr. Gama came and decided he wanted to mark a churrasco for us too This Friday! I just felt like it was a bucnh of blessings all at once and I got so happy! It was so awesome!!! I was just very very happy!

So those are pretty much the highlights of this week, just alot of teaching and alot of walking! This week is zone conference and I am so excited, because Presdient Castro is going to come and have a big meeting with us! And General Conference, of course I amm soooooooo excited! My third general conference on the mission... thats crazy!!!! Anyways I love you all!!!! Have a great week!!!

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