Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10th, 2014

Hello everybody, so one more week has come and gone, and it went by so fast! So I arrived In Canguçu and.... the city is sooooooo coooooooooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!! Im loving it!!! There are so many hills, but the city is clean and small and safe, and everybody looks like me, so I fit in perfectly!!! Everybody is either Geman or Polish, and the church even gives us books of Mormon in German to give to people, even though almost nobody can read German, just speak it. My companion Elder Marcato is pretty cool, although I miss Elder Mendes a ton. The branch is pretty small here, with just twenty members, but the Branch President is very hard working and excited to help the branch grow! The church building is a house that they turned into a church, but Dad, it looks much better then that picture, because they repainted and put a new sign up out in front. It looks much better and much more like a church! But yeah! So its pretty cool in this little city, and I am very excited to work here!

So this week I arrived on Wednesday and that night we had an activity in the ward and we gave a little presentation and did a little game with some papers. And it was pretty cool, the members liked it alot! Then, the day after I got to meet some members and we went to go find some new people to teach and something really cool happened! We went to a street to find some adresses we had and couldnt find them, and I thought, well, lets ust knock on some doors since we are already here. So we went, anddddd almost everybody was home... but nobody answered the door. So we kept going and I saw a house on the corner, and we passed it and went to go kncok on some more doors. And then, I felt a feeling, go knock on that door. I said to myself, I will go when I finish knocking on these doors on this road. And I went up to go knock on another door, and just felt that it was wrong, and once again I felt, go knock on that door. So I told Elder Marcato, lets go knock on that door... so we went and the lady was super nice and let us in, and has an awesome family with 5 kids!!! Pretty cool huh? It was a cool little experience!

Andddd this week we had a baptism of Iago, who is the son of a member less active. The whole family is membro excpet his mom, and so he wasnt baptized when he was 8, but now his mom is gradually coming back to the churhc and so he wanted to be baptized! It was pretty cool! It was very different the baptism in the branch, because the baptismal font is made of like bricks in the back of the church. Its a pretty cool experience to be in the branch. Also, everybody got so happy because I play piano, and so now I am the branch pianist!

And so yeah, that was pretty much the highlights fo this week! I still havent adjusted all the way, but I will in a few days! Oh the apartments here where I live are sooo nice!!!! Its a huge change from Pelotas... Haha but dad if you want to try to find them, they are on the road Julio de Castilho in the center and they are big and green. I live on the top floor! And yeah, 
so I hope all is well there! Carson, stay away from them snakes!!!! I love you all!!!!!

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