Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Hello everybody!!! So this week was very cool in Cangucéu! I hope you all had a great week too! I cant believe Connor is in Italy, thats so crazy... I am pretty jealous!!! Haha I hope you ahve a great time buddy! I miss you all so much! Its prettysad to hear that about Sharon... but everything will be okay and go according to Gods plan.
So this week, on Monday (P-Day) we went to visit the Statue of Mary that is on a big hill outside of the city! It was way cool, but super hard to hike that huge hill!!! But it was fun! Thats what those pictures are that I am sending! The area here is really so beautiful its way cool, I am liking it alot!

Then on Tuesday we got to work and we have been knocking on doors, and talking to people on the streets, and it gave some results, but what is hard here is that many people feel alot of pressure because of the family and traditions that they dont really feel like they can accept our message. The Lutheran chruch is really strong here and its been strong since the Germans arrived, like when the city was founded, so there is alot of tradition. But it all has to do with faith. The people need to use their faith and take a leap, and experiment! And when the people really try, they know, but they just need to try to break away from the traditions, as hard as it is. I understand that it is hard, and I am patient with them! But I know there is so much more that they could have if they just manage to take that step of faith!

But this week our whole district came here to work in our area and it was super awesome! We found a family that is super cool and we are going to keep working with them. We shared the lesson and then at the end, one of them said the prayer. And in the prayer she thanked the Lord for seinding us there, because it had been a hard day, and thanked for our message, and realy asked to know if it was true! It was so awesome! The spirit was very strong during the prayer! I loved it! I just love when experiences like that happen because I just feel the spirit so strong.

But yeah this week was alot of work, without a ton of huge things happening, but the miracles will come!!! I know they will, its just a matter of time!!!! I love you all so much! I hope you like the pictures, I took a bunch this week I hope you like them!!!

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