Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24th, 2014

Hello everybody so this week was officialy the first week of fall here in Canguçu... and it got pretty col. Wow. On tuesday it was super rainy and like this city is like in the middle of the clouds when it rains... its wierd but cool, but really really cold!!! Haha but apart from that it was a good week!

So we have really being working to find solid investigators to teach! There are alot of people who let us enter for the first lesson and then on the second lesson they run from us or dont want to hear anymore, so we have been really trying to find people that want to progress spiritually. Really the only thing we can do in this city is knock on doors, because there arent much members to give us referalls and whatnot but its good!

So last week we started teaching Danilo and Milene, who are super super awesome! When I was on a division with another missionar we kncoked on their door, and right away I could tell that they were special. She said an awesome prayer at the end of the first lesson that showed that they really wanted to learn! 

This week we returned and started to teach them more. We watched the video of the restoration with them and we talked about it afterwards and Milene said that she feels something strong inside her and that she knows almost certainly what we are teaching is true. They are seriously a miracle family!!! They are young and starting the family and so if they are baptized they will be a hugeeeee strength for the branch here! They are exactly what we needed! This area has the fame on the misison to make missionaries depressed, but I am actually quite happy here. Elder Marcato also was very happy with Danilo and Milene and he cheered up a bit because of them!!

But yeah so that was the big highlight of the week! Also I just wanted to tell you about my branch president here! He is such an awesome guy. I jsut get so happy when people o everything to fill their calling. He lives in Pelotas which is like an hour away by car, but every sunday he comes to Canguçu for the meetings. Apart from this he comes to teach institute, to visit members, to have activities and everything. And he does it all on his own time and own money! I just am so grateful for men like him who are so devoted to their calling! 

But yeah, as for me I think thats about it for the week! Dad Dublin looked so awesome I am so jealous!!! And Connor I hope you feel better soon you Italian fool. Carson, congrats for te game winning hit!!! Jonathan, keep being snouty. Mom, I love you! Thanks for the support you all show me! I love you!! And I saw this nasty little guy on the road... Actually he wasnt little, he was bigger then the other one. Im pretty sure its not the same species as the one from last week. She even has babies on her back!!! Haha... Oh Brasil....

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