Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th, 2014

So this week, there was many verl col experiences that happened, including one that was like a missionary´s dream, so all in all it was an amazing week. Dad, Lisboa looked so awesome, did you understand the Portugues at all?? They speak very different from Brasilian Portuguese, but I would be interested to visit there to see what its like. Connor congrats on your AP physics test, that test is ridiculous, and I go tthe same score I think... I dont remember... maybe I got a four. But still congrats man! Carson, keep rocking at baseball, you are the prodigee of the family in baseball, keep up the good work! Jonathan and natalie, keep rocking. And Mom, I love you, I am very excited to talk to you on Mothers day! I hope all is well:)

So big new! Today we got the transfer phonecall, and I will have my first son on the mission, thats right, I am going to treighn!!! It will be so awesome, maybe I will be able to teach an American Portugues er soomething! I will find out who my companion is tomorrow when I go to Porto Alegre!!! I am very excited, especially becuse new misisonaries seem to have alot of faith and obedience, which will be great to work with, because sadly there are others who lack those atributes!

But to tell you about my week! first of all, lasttt week a member took us to meet a friend of hers named Isabel. She is a super sweet lady, and we shared a message with her, and it was really awesome. At first she didnt seem too interested, but when the member, Aldaci shared her testimony, it made all the difference. She became really interested, and we have now visited her three times, and every time she has been more and more interested. She is even reading the book of mormon, from the start, and she understands reallllly well!!! She was telling us about the story of Nefi and Lehi and it was awesome! She came to church yesterday and loved it! The only problem was she almost broke her leg because she tripped on the steps of the church... but other then that it was great!!

So DANILO AND MILENE!!! They are our wonderful couple that we are teaching and that we will help get married soon. They have been doing so well, and we found out Milene is a great Soccor player and loves sports, which gave a good intro to teach the word of wisdom! They accepted it without any problems which was so awesome! There is just a different feeling when we teach tehm and when we teach other people. Its like... you can just see in their eyes that they are feeling the Spirit! So they went to church yesterday and after, Danilo came up to me and said this. My heart stopped and like I got so happy. He said, "so Milene and I have been thinking... and maybe this week or next week, we would like to be baptized," MY HEART STOPPED!!!! Ha I knew they were going to be baptized but, it was awesome that he came up and wanted to mark his baptism!! So I explained to him about the marriage that we will do, and as soon as that happens they will be able to be baptized! I am so grateful for them! Seriously they are a miracle, and even Presidente Gimaraes (the branch president) Said that he could tell they were having a true conversion! I really love them! Last night we watched 17 Miracles with them, and they loved it! They like invite us over to the house to teach them and they even want to mark anotherrrrr churrasco, but this time I think we will pay because they dont have alot fo money!

But yeah, so this week was me reaping the blessings of this transfer. The next transfer will be "SÓ ALEGRIA!!!" (just joy). I love you and miss you all so much! Have a great week! And sorry I dont have any new pictures from this last week... but this week I will take more! I love you!!!

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