Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th, 2014

Olá todo mundo! So this week was another great week. Man things are seriously going so great here in Canguçu! Like we are seriously being so blessed by the Lord!!! Connor, I hope you had fun at prom, and Carson, keep rocking at beaseball man. I hear that you are smashing the ball... thats right, I taught you everything you know.... Haha Jonathan.... I heard about the Australians liking your music on the radio... thats rad mate... you should go to outback to celebrate.. haha. Mom, thanks for sendingh me emails every week for me, I love hearing from you. I love you mom! And dad, Brussels looks awesome, and what was that cheese french fry thing you sent in the picture???

Anyways this week really was a great week. My companion Elder Moraes is really awesome, and is such a hard worker. He is so awesome seriously, he is very dedicated. And, he is helping me alot with my Portugues accent, so it is going great with him, I love being a treiner, even though he is like pre trained already haha. 

But this week we have been really trying t obring members with us to teach and to help us with our investigators because it makes a huge difference! And so even with our small branch of like 20 members, we are helping them help us! Its great because we can see their testimony grow along with the testimony of the investigators its great, and exactly what the branch needs! And so this week, we are going to try to integrate Danilo and Milene a little more with the members because they are great, and I dont want anything to happen!!

So about them! They are AWESOME! I know I say that every week but I mean that, they are awesome! We still havent started the papers for the wedding because Milenes parents have to be there and they live pretty far away, but this wednesday we will start the papers and then I think the baptism will be May 30! We will have the baptism and wedding ceremony on the same day... I am really excited!!!

This week we told them that we would go with them to church on Sunday and so we woke up early and went to their house to walk with them to church, and there was nobody home. I was a little worried and so we went to church and me and Elder Moraes said a prayer that they would be able to come to church. Then, right before the sacrament meeting they showed up on their own!!! Man, that was a miracle for me... Turns out they had gone to Milenes parents house, that lives pretty far away, because Milenes mom called and they needed to go. But they remembered about church on Sunday and came back to Canguçu on Sunday morning to visit church!! How awesome is that?!

So yeah, that was awesome! Isabel is going great to, she didnt come to church this week but is still reading and praying. She just needs a little more confidence to break her traditions that she has in the family, because her family is really Anglican. She is doing great, and I really believe that with time she will be able to make a leap of faith.

So those were the highlights of this week! I love being a missionary. Even thought its hard, and I miss all of you, its such an honor to serve the Lord for these two years. Oh an just to explain the picture, me with the goat was when we went to the family´s house (Gama Family) who are super awesome and one of the sons is a member less active. But they had a goat... so they brought him insiade for me to feed. Hahah foi engraçado. But yeah that was my week! I love you all! Have a great week!

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