Monday, April 28, 2014

April 21st, 2014

Hello my awesome friends so this week was a  very great week! But I am so happy to see that all is well at home, and Carson, dude you are huge!!!! Congrats for those hits you had! Dad sent me some videos... dude you rock! Haha and tell Alex congrats with the marriage proposal, thats so great!!! Haha I miss you all so much:)

SO this week was great, on tuesday I went to Porto Alegre to get my new son, Elder Moraes! He is super awesome!!!! He is only a member of the church for 3 years, and is a brasilian that was baptized in Portugal when he was studying there! He is 25 years old, and so excited to work, and he was actually that ward misison leader in his city of Baurú, São Paulo! He  is the most prepared missionary I have ever seen, and he has so much faith! I am so happy to be his trainer! SO yeah! On tuesday we went there and came back and didnt have time to work because it was such a long trip on he bus, we got home super late!

But its great to have responsabilitieson the mission! Its like now I can determine how hard we work and stuff which is really a blessing. We have been working a ton with Danilo and Milene still, and they are so great! This week we are going to go and start the marriage process for them and then we they are married we will ahve a marriage and baptism on the same day! It will be so special:) I am so happy for them! This week we had a family night with them in their home, and I made Jamba Juice smoothies for them.... but they didnt turnout so great.... I was gunnnnnnnnna make strawberies wild, but I couldnt find strawberries or apple juice or vanila ice cream... so I used strawberry juice... and pineapple...and like the type of ice cream mcdonalds has.... yeah didnt turn out so great.... but at least it was fun right!

Haha a cool experience happened this week with Isabel, because last week she went to church and tripped and almost fell in te church. But this week we went to her house ad she told us that she believes it was a miracle she didnt hurt herself because she broke her leg a ong time ago and it is really weak, but she didnt even hurt it a little on Sunday! She even told us she felt sombody catch her when she tripped.... Wowww.. thattttts a miracle!!! We are helping her feel more ready to be baptized, because she is still feeling unprepared, but she is awesome!

And one more miracle happened this week! We were walking looking for a referal, but the member didnt give us the adress and told us vaguely where the house was. We were going, and got a little lost in the middle of nowhere, so we said a pray asking the Lord to show us the house. I saw a house off in the distance and thought, "could it be that house? Lets go ask at least if they know the guy!" We went there and a lady came out, and I asked if shew knew the guy, and she said... "thats my husband!" How cool!!!! They couldnt attend us at that moment, but it was a answer direct to our prayer! It was so amazing, I just got such a great feeling after! It was small, but was a miracle. I didnt hear a voice, but a thought came in my mind, that was guided by the spirit! SO cool huh? 

But yeah pretty much that was my week, it was really great, and this week will be even better!!! Thanks for all the support and love that you show me! I lvoe you all!!! and so the first picture is in front of the misison office in Porto Alegre, the second is the family night with Danilo and Milene, and the last is a cake that my companion made that has Passion fruit in it... its really good!!! Hahah

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