Monday, November 18, 2013


Nov 11th, 2013
Hello my awesome family I hope you all are doing well! I am missing you all so much but its crazy that next month I will be able to skype you!! It will be way cool. But yeah so right now it is raining a bunch and it is craziness! Last night there was a huge lightning that shook the apartment and it was crazy!! Haha but yeah! I feel like the summer will never come! Its november and Im still using a jacket!
So this week was a good week! I am really loving the ward here! The bishop is actually the brother in law of the bishop in my last area and he is way awesome and super dedicated. We had a meeting of ward council and he explained a plan to help the ward with the missionary work, but also to resue members that have fallen away. I liked it a lot and I am really excited to help this ward.
So this week there is a chance that we will be baptizing a girl named Mayara. She is 19 years old and is very smart, but because she is so smart she really like to question things. She feels a difference in the church and while she reads the Book of Mormon, and I think she knows its true, she is just having a hard time having faith to make that step. She speaks English fluent, and so the other day I taught her that if she waits to know for sure that the church is true before baptism, the certainty will never come. If she had a certainty, she wouldnt be using faith, and baptism is an act of faith. It takes alotttt of faith to be baptised because its natural to want to know for sure. But I told her that when she is baptised she will feel a confirmation that she did the right thing. Faith faith faith!!! Everything in the church is an act of faith.
So yeah! Also we are working with a lady named Maria, who is the mom of a girl named Dara, who is a member. We have only taught her one time, but I had a feeling really interesting whe we taught her. It was a feeling that her "hour" to be baptized is going to be soon. So we are going to help her all we can!!
But yeah so my companion has some issues with obedience and some other things. Some pretty big things. I really feel like a letter to President Castro is the best way I can help him, becasue he is going to ruin his life if he continues like this. He is probably going to hate me forever, but its what I have to do. So wish me luck haha...
But that was my week! I love you all so much and miss you! I hope you are all well! Until next week!

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