Monday, November 4, 2013

Primeira semana no Fragata!

Hello everybody!!! I love to hear that you are all doing well! Your Halloween costumes were very awesome I was very impressed! They dont have Halloween here so it was a little anticlimatic... but Im busy doing the Lords work. But in Brasil they have Dia das Almas, which is just a day when everybody visits the cemetary and whatnot nothing big, but we had a zone activity and we passed out pamphlets that talked about the Plan Of Salvation!! So that was Legal!
Haha mom your story about the disaster situation was hilarious.. .Carson Im glad the Piano was still working when the power went out. Naturally that should be the first thing to check when the power goes out.Haha but Im glad you had a good Halloween!!
So about my week! First of all my new companion isnt Elder Araújo, its Elder Aramayo. When my district leader called to tell me last week he said the wrong name. He is Argentinan and has a reallllly strong Argentinan accent haha. He is cool haha.
The area that I am in is pretty cool! The members here are super strong and Ive already developed some friendships! My friend Elder Jackson was serving in this area and did a great job and so its awesome to see the people he helped! And he went to my old area so he gets to see the people I helped! But its going pretty good here!
This week we had a conference with Presidente Mazzargardi who is in the Presidency of the Brasil South area! It was really really awesome and I learned alot, but specifically how I can sacrifice my will for the will of the father. He spoke about a cleansing process that missioanries need to have, and as we cleanse and sancitify oursleves we will be more ready to followthe will ofthe Lord. He spoke about our role in the Plan of God and it was really really awesome!!
But yeah thats about it for this week! Nothing too crazy, but here in a few weeks I should get settled in!! Haha I hope you all are well! I love you so much.

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