Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello from apple world!

Hello everybody!! So first of all, only the people who watch Spongebob will understand the title, but I have been eating lots of apples this week. Haha so this week has been awesome! We did lots of cool things and whatnot! But yeah! Mom thats so scary about the ladder incident.. I hope you are okay!! Thats so scary!!! I really hope you are okay! Connor... of course he would be captain america on the homecoming float... anyways.

So this week was really awesome!! This week we had a zone conference and I got to see my friends Elder Harris and Elder Jackson!! They are awesome and so it was great to see them again. The conference was way awesome! I love every chance to hear Presidente Castro! He is awesome and it was very spiritual! That day was the day of Elder Galdinos birthday so we decided to eat at the Lobão, or (Big Wolf), which is maybe the best churrasco restaurant in Rio Grande do Sul. Im sending photos but yeah... it was epic. It was way expensive, but luckily I have been saving my coins and change for 3 months... I had 80 reais in coins hahaha. So yeah that was way fun!

We have been talking with some people at the school where we used to have our sacrament meetings, and we are going to start classes of english this week! It is going to be awesome!! But I will probably only teach this week because I am pretty sure its my last week in Capão do Leão. Its pretty sad actually. I love this area, but I have been here for a long time! And Presidente Castro gave a hint that I will be tranferred next week... Exciting but sad at the same time!

As for the work here in Capão its going really well! We are still teaching Aureci and Niara, but they need a little more time before they can be baptized. We had a dinner at their house on Saturday and she cooked pan churrasco! It was super good! I really feel like good good friends with them! I hope one day they get baptized because it would make them so happy! Also!! Remember Nelson, my friends from Texas that we were teaching before I left! I got an email that he was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome huh?! I knew I had a purpose in going to Texas!

But yeah, so today we are going to get me some new clothes. Dad, I chuckled a little bit when you said mold only grows on damp clothes. Haha if only you could see it here. I have a radical picture of mold on my belt haha... and pots... and pans... and everything else. Haha but dont worry Im fine here, and Ill probably be leaving this area soon. I love you all so much!! Have a great week:) 

Ps Connor, the batmobile is awesome congrats!!!!!!! And the boat was an assignment that President Castro gave us after the zone conference... its pretty sick huh haha

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