Monday, November 4, 2013

Mais uma semana!

Hello family! So first of all, I will be transfered tooooooo FRAGATA! Its a bairro of Pelotas, but a different zone! My companion is going to be Elder Araújo, and Ive already met him before he is way cool!!! Im excited!!

I am pretty sad that I will be leaving but I am excited to serve there! I feel like I have learned so much in this area and I am excited to see what my next area will bring!

But this week was a great week! This week we really have been trying to help Aureci and Niara feel more ready for baptism! Niara is ready and she has been ready for a while for baptism, but we are trying to help Aureci the best we can! He is having a hard time just having faith in Christ to begin with, but he is really trying to recieve an answer I think. They went to church with us yesterday and Niara loved it! She even found out that a friend from her work was a member! And Aureci would have loved it... if he could here. He told us he didnt hear one word.... Its pretty hard to enjoy sitting for 3 hours when you cant hear anything.... I think him and Niara are going to try getting him a hearing aid er something. Its just really expensive.

Yesterday somethin really cool happened! So it was my last Sunday in the ward so I gave a talk, and so this week I prayed and studied and wrote a talk during the week. But speaking in Public isnt one fo my strengths, and I was nervous because my talk was supposed to be 15 minutes or more, so I wrote out a long talk on paper and yeah! I prayed a bunch that I would have strength to talk for a long time, with good portugues, and that my talk would help people. When I got up there to talk I only looked at my notes to read the scriptures that I wrote! The rest I just spoke! And it was awesome! I had such a great feeling during the talk, not a feeling of nervousness, but a good feeling! It was awesome! Haha and the bishop ahad to telll me that my time was up because I was talking for so long! But it was such an awesome feeling to recieve an answer so direct to my prayer!

But yeah so those were the highlights of the week! Also this week it rained a ton and the roads got all flooded and whatnot, so we ended up walking to lunch in flip flops... she lived close and it wet shoes are the worst... And she told us to. What can you do haha.... 

But yeah I love you all! Thanks for all you do for me! I dont need anything but thanks for always offereing:) I love you all!


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