Friday, October 31, 2014

October 13th, 2014

Hey everybody! From the looks of things, it looks like everybody has had a great week! Family, Europe looks like such a cool place! I am happy that you all were able to go and have fun and whatnot. I hope you guys are having fun! I am having fun here too just so ya know.... Haha seriously its great here in Cachoeira! I am loving the work here.

My companion is such a hard worker and he is funny and he is a great guy. I am very happy to work with him. He is very cool. It seems like the time is just flying by with him, its crazy to think that the transfer is already half over. Man the time si flying y here.

This week we went to Porto Alegre for our leadership counsel and we were able to go to the temple again! Such a great experience! I absoluetly love the temple! It always has the best spirit and I just love it. It like inside there, nothing of the outside world matters, its very cool:)

And anyways we got back to Cachoeira on Wedensday and worked and worked and worked! We are working with Andresa and Maicon, that AWESOME family that we are teaching and they are doing great. They are going to be baptized not this Saturday, but the Saturday after! I cant wait, I am like counting down the days haha! Theya re such a great family, and I am so excited to see them be baptized because it will be such a huge blessing for their family! Then they will be able to go to the temple too and it will be great!

Yesterday at church Lizara bore her testimony and it made me so happy. She looked at me from the pulpit and said, "I am so grateful for the Elderes finding our family" and it was just the best feeling in the world. I love being a misisonary.

But yeah, life is good here in Cachoeira, lots of work. There is so much happening htat its impossible to inculde everything here, but basically, life is good! I love you all!! Have a great week!

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