Friday, October 31, 2014

October 20th, 2014

Hey everyone, so this week passed so fast, I guess that time fls when you are having fun right? It was great. Its good to hear from everybody I miss you all so much, but soon I will be able to talk to you! Christmas is coming up pretty quick, its pretty crazy! This whole year has gone by fast! But yeah!

So last Monday we did a family night with Maicon and Andresa, and a couple of members and it waqs really cool because they are integrating really well with the members here! I am so excited for their baptism whcih will be this Friday! They are so ready and so cool, and super funny too. Man, its great to be able to baptize family that will be able to go to the temple someday. I love being a misisonary.

But also we are teaching Tiago, a guy that has 16 years. He is the brother of a member already, but he was never baptized. We have been teaching him for a while, but he hasnt been super firm, because he is hard to find at home. But, recently we have been able to teach him a bunch, and he will also be baptized on Friday! He is funny, and is alot like me, he likes to paint and draw, and is goofy. Haha, but I am also so happy for his baptizm that will happen this Friday!

Luis and Lizara are awesome, and firm, and every day that passes they are becoming stronger! I love them, they are great, and soon are going to go to the temple! I am very excited for them!

I am happy. It seems like the harder I work, the faster the time goes, which make me sad because I want the time to pass slower. I love the mission, I dont want it to end yet, because we are just having a great time here. I love Brasil, and I love being able to serve the Lord.

I love all of you and I hoppe you have a great week! Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for me! I lvoe you all. Sorry that I dont have pictures, I left my camera at home accidently... But next week i WILL have some!

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