Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 6th, 2014

So this week was a great week and we worked a ton! I loved the general conference talks! I especially loved Carlos A. Godoy, because instead of having to listen to a translator we lisened to him! It was really awesome! And the talk was great. I loved when he talked about if we were worthy to recieve the blessing promissed in our Patriarchal Blessings. My testimony about the prophets is always strengthened when I listen to general conference! It was great.

This week was a ton of work and we have a bunch of people that are progressing to be baptized. There is one family that I love so much that are doing so well, and actually a miracle happened. I made a journal of my prayers, and what I do is that I write in this journal what I asked for in my prayers, and then we God answers my prayers, i write how he answered by the part where I asked. And so last week I prayed that this family, Maicon and Andresa recieved an answer to their prayers about the church when they visited the church! And so yeah, they went to church last Sunday and they didnt say much, but when we visited them his week they told us what had happened. Andresa wqas feeling really sick and had a realllly sore throat, and wasnt even able to eat. She was also nervous about going to church, because she ha had some bad experiences with other churches, and so she prayed that God would show her if the church was true, because she didnt want to go in vain. And she told us that after church she didnt have anymore problems with her throat, and that she knew it was an answer from God. It was sooooo special!

And then Maicon said he knew the book of Mormon is true because he can feel the unity in their family increase as they read the book of Mormon. They feel like God is talking to thm when they read. Theyyyy are awesommeeeee!!! I love them so much!

Luis and LIzara are doing great, the church is developing new ways to help stregthen recent converts, and they are progressing really well. I am excited to see what becomes of them, I think Luis will be a great leader someday!
But yeah, so I am loving it here in Brasil, life is good. I am working hard, I am keeping the rules, everything is great. Right know I am in Porto Alegre, and we are going to have our counsel tomorrow and we are going o the templetoo! I am really excited! It will be great! I love you all, it looks like you ahd a ton of fun in Switzerland. I am jealous haha! But yeah, I love you all, have a geat week!

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