Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th, 2014

Hellllllo good morning from Brasil! I hope you all are doing great! We had a greatttt week this week! So I am very excited to tell you all about it! Anyways first of all we found out about transfers this week... and sadly I will be transfered to Porto Alegre in the bairro Nilow Wulff! I will be companion do Elder Alves, who is from João Pessoa Brasil. I already know him and lived with him in Fragata last year, so it should be cool. I am a little sad to be leaving Cachoeria, because the work is going so well, and my companion was so cool. We are planning on having 3 baptisms this week, but sadly I wont be able to be here. But its okay, Im sure in Nilow Wulff there will be lotsssss of people waiting to hear our message.

Anyways first of all, about the baptism of Vangli! It was one of the baptisms that I felt the spirit the strongest! We sung "the spirit of God" and he told me that he just had a great feeling while singing that hymn! Then, I had the oportunity to baptise him and it was great. After he was baptised he gave me a hug and I could tell he was feeling the Spirit. And then on Sunday when he recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he was just smiling and I could tell he was feeling it. It is such a great experience. I love being a missionary, there is so many blessings that we have recieved. Thankfully, everybody that I baptized here is strong in the church, and have strong testimonys, and I am just so happy that the Lord is using me to bless the lives of these people.

I am pretty happy about my time here in Cachoeira. When I arrived, it was a pretty weak branch with 40 people more or less. But yesterday, my last sunday, with all the new members, and investigators, and reactivated members that we brought to church there were 70 people. Really it was a huge miracle.

Daniela and Junior went to church yesterday and are super strong, and Danilea is so excited to be baptized, but she is just waiting on the wedding paperwork. Sadly they told us yesterday that because of an emergancy they are moving to Porto Alegre this week, which means we wont have the oporutunity to teach them. They said they will find the misisonaries in Porto Alegre, and when she is ready to be baptized she will call me and Elder H. Silva so we can be at the baptism!

Funny story... I was walking on the sidewalk this week, and a member drove by and honked his horn. I looked up to wave at him... and when I looked up, I fell into a sewer drain!!! Luckily there was no sewage at the moment, but it was pretty funny!

But yeah, today starts my last transfer of the misison. Crazy right? Yup its crazy. But I am working hard until the end! I love you all! Have a great week!

The first picture is of Vangli, and the last one is of Felipe, from the other week!

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