Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th, 2014

Helllllllo erbody, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all have a happy new year this week! I missed you guys a ton this week,but really it was so great to be able to talk to you guys even though it was such a short amout of time! I cant wait to be able to tell you all of my mission stories, there are some funny ones.

Like yesterday something funny happened. In our apartment building, there live alot of pigeons. Alotttt of pigeons. So, the apartment complex put, a metal screen over the windows so the pigeons cant land on the window sill. Well, yesterday a pigeon managed to get inside the net (I have no idea howwwwwwww) but couldnt get out! So, we went to church thinking that while we were at church, he would find his way out.... we were wrong. We came back and he was there in the same exact spot on our window sill. We tried everythign to force him out, and nothing worked. SO... we ended up having to cut the screen, and scare the bird with an umbrela so he would leave. But instead of leaving the wondow sill through the hole in the screen.... he decided to attack the umbrela! Did you guys know that pigeons have a vicous pecking action? Because I sure didnt.... We eventually forced him out... and he went and tried to land on a window...... that didnteven have a window sill.... he struggled to hold on to that window, and kept slipping...But I think he forgot that he is a bird and can just fly away to a different place? I dont know. But I ended up giving him the name of Santa Claus... because while he was on our window sillhe decideed to leave us some presents... merry Christmas?

Haha we had a good week here working though, and we even saw a little miracle yesterday with an investigator. We have been working with her for a while, and we invited her to be baptized this Saturday, and she wasnt super sure if she wanted to or not, and me and Elder Alves left the lesson, feeling like she needed to have a personal spiritual experience so she could gain a testimony. Yesterday we went to her house and we asked her some questions about how she has felt about everything we have taught her, and she responded saying that she felt something inside her growing. Well, me and Elder Alves decided to read a part of Alma 32 with her that talks about the growing seed, and when she read that she got really emotional, and felt the spirit, and said she knew that the church was true. We are going to work with her to be baptized this week! I am super excited, her name is Pamela!

But yeah. I am super happy to be on the misison.I hope nobody got the impresison that I was dying to come home er something like that on Christmas, because actually this time on the mission has been the best time of my life, and it is sad that it willend. But I willwork my hardest until the end. But yeah! I love you all! Ill talk to you all next year!!! Tchau tchau!

Picture one is my Christmas morning and picture two is my Christmas eve with two families in the ward!

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